Writing Publications

​Art Publications

​"Imbalance," Subprimal Poetry Art, Issue 1, online.

"Heat," Josephine Quarterly, Summer 2013, online.

"Nature III," "Nature IV," "The Stranger," and "Life & Death," Foliate Oak, 2013, online.

"Behind the Scenes," The Meadowland Review​, 2013, online.

"Autumn Twilight," Diverse Voices Quarterly, Vol. 5, Issue 19, online.

"New England Skies," Paper Tape Magazine, 2013, online.

"Boundless II," Blue Lyra Review, Issue 3.1, January 2014, online.

"Slither," San Francisco Peace & Hope, October 2016, online.

"Ten Pina Coladas," "Sonic," "Peephole," and "Get Home Before Dark," Hayden's Ferry Review, Fall 2016, print.

"Breathe," Driftwood Press, April 2017, online.

"Late Afternoon Light" and "Tea II," Raven Chronicles, Summer 2017: Home Issue, print.

"Departing Atlantis" and "The Unborn Child," Jet Fuel Review, Spring 2017, online.

"After School," The Tishman Review, July 2017, online/print.

"The Day He Came Home" and "Morning Rush," Gulf Stream Lit Mag, Spring 2017, online.

"Water In My Eyes" and "Saltwater," Young Ravens Literary Review, Summer 2017, online.

"Magic," Riddled With Arrows, June 2017, Issue 1.2, online.

"Writing in the Forest," "County Storm," "County Storm II," "Suppertime," "Indian Summer," "Back-to-School," "Bonfires," "Crimson and Gold," and "Her Last Words," Talking Writing, Featured Artist, Fall 2017, online.

"Factory I," Four Ties Lit Review, August 2017, online.

"sTrAnGeLaNd," "Burnout," "Drift," and "Heat," Tattoo Highway, Issue 24, February 2018, online.

"Angels," CALYX Journal, October 2017, print.

"Soulmates," "Dandelion," "Golden Eyes," "Glam," "Arctic Lime," and "SoBe Crush," A Day's Encounter, Sept 2017-January 2018, online. 

"Hunger," Off the Coast, November 2017, online.

"Electromagnetic," "Quicksilver," "Sleepwalking," "Spring Frost," "Acid Rain," "Neon-Crop VI.1," and "Neon-Crop VI.2," Poetry Pacific, November 2017, online.

"To Life," Parentheses Journal, March 2018, online.

"Golden Gate," 500 Miles Magazine, November 2017, online.

"Insomnia," "Truth," and "The Snow After Joe's Funeral," Mud Season Review, November 2017, online.

"Farmer I," The Nassau Review, May 2018, print.

"Holding On," Into the Void Magazine, January 2018, online/print.

"Verano" and "Primavera," Glassworks Magazine, March 2018, online/print.

"The Ash" and "Three Souls," Stonecoast Review, December 2017, online/print.

"Wild Daisies" and "Wanderlust," Montana Mouthful, Issue 1, February 2018, online.

"Primal Roots," Star 82 Review, Issue 6.1, Spring 2018, online.

"Birthday Girl," "Screaming Housewives," and "Suburbia," Watershed Review, 2018, online.

"Rockwall Springs," The Sandy River Review, September 2018, online.

"Unity," "Gas Station Coffee," and "Sun Exposure," Sheepshead Review, Fall 2018, print.

"Rockwall Springs 1F," Blue Mesa Review, Issue 39, 2019, online.

"Deadman's Lake," Harbor Review, Issue 3, July 2019, online.

​“Some of Us,” The MacGuffin, Spring/Summer 2012, print, Schoolcraft College.

“Rabbit Girl,” Folio, Spring 2012, print, American University.

“Sacrifice,” Foliate Oak, May 2012, online, University of Arkansas-Monticello.

“Nature's New Generation,” Wild Violet, May 2013, online.

“Thank You,” Linden Avenue Literary Journal, October 2012, online.

“Fried Onions,” Prairie Wolf Press Review, Spring 2013, online. 

“Box of Shoes,” Hawai'i Pacific Review, July 2013, print, Hawaii Pacific University.

“Somebody's Sweetheart,” Diverse Voices Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 16, Winter 2012, online.

“Indian River,” Grasslimb, Volume 11, Number 2, August 2013, print.

“Loose Ends,” The Oddville Press, Volume II, Issue 1, March 2014, online. 

“Hunter Bar,” Blotterature Lit Mag, Volume 1, Issue 3, January 31, 2014, online/print.

"The End of Summer," Neighbors, September/October 2015, print.

"Saturday Nights in Winter," Slow the Pace Contest Anthology, Scribes Valley Publishing, April 2016, print.

"Thank You," Veils, Halos, and Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and Empowerment of Women, Kasva Press, April 2016, print.

"Bleeding Heart," Don't Talk to Me About Love, September 2017, online.

"Lilacs," Jabberwock Review, February 2018, print.

"Shades of White," The Pinch Journal, Fall 2017, print.

"November, 1993," Zingara Poetry Review, November 2017, online.

"Diagnosis," Door Is A Jar, Fall/Winter 2017, print/online.

"A Thousand Miles," Poetry Pacific, November 2017, online.

"Clinic," Chicago Literati, December 2017, online.

"Empty Parking Lot, 2:07 a.m.," "Checkpoint," and "Horripilation," The Write Launch, January 2018, online. 

"Dear Watcher," Thin Air Magazine, March 2018, Web Feature-Gas Station Hybrid.

"First Love, 1994," The Scene & Heard, Valentine's Day Challenge, February 2018, online.

"The Winter Farmhouse, 1988," Spillway, Issue 26, October 2018, print.

"I Like the Sound of Your Voice" and "Hometown," Nebo, Volume 36 Number 32, Spring 2018, print.

"Country Lust," Minerva Rising, September 2018, online.

"Dream Hemorrhage," Switched-On Gutenberg, Fall 2018, print/online.

"A Friend's Text," Running Wild Press, TBA 2019, print.

"Girlhood, 1986," Gris-Gris, Winter 2019, print/online.

"A Quiet Blue," CutBank Literary Review, April 2019, online.

"Pinned Butterflies," Lunch Ticket, December 2019, online.

"December, 1993," Witness Magazine, December 2019, online/print.​​