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Previously Published Visual Art

​My visual art and writing have a symbiotic relationship. I find that the creative brain enjoys a multitude of outlets to express itself. I started off drawing and doing classic photography. Then I started playing around with mixed media, to include acrylic and watercolor paints. I added chalks, crayons, markers, and stencils. I started using textures, fabrics, the elements of fire and water. I now own a box of manly man tools to scrape, burn, and scrub my artworks. I'm very hands-on and I enjoy the tactile process. And I found digital manipulation extremely fun--and time-consuming!--but I went with it.

I am a self-taught visual artist and my work has been published in over thirty literary journals and magazines. However, I plan on attaining formal education since I love it so much. 

​I've added two galleries below. The first gallery is previously published material. The second gallery is art I've created on smartphones and/or digitally manipulated through my personal computer using software programs. The second gallery contains many pieces inspired by my hometown of Tolland, Connecticut, which is also the fictional town of Rockwall Springs in my psychological thriller.  Also note, I will be adding/alternating pieces as time goes along.

If you're interested in any of the pieces, please contact me using the Contact Form on this website.



Visual Art